messages and workshops tailored to suit your needs

Our identity is the foundation of our lives. It is the basis of our decisions, behaviors and values and will affect everything, including relationships, leadership, spending habits, discipleship, time management, etc.

Scott Perkins is a thought leader on Christian identity and its application to discipleship, leadership, and relationships. An engaging and experienced speaker, Scott invites reflection through his effective use of open-ended questions.

If you have a group, organization, retreat, conference, or church service, and are in need of an engaging, practical and biblical speaker, it would be an honor to work with you to develop a message that will challenge and engage your people.

Popular message themes include:

  • The Comparison Trap
  • Covering Shame
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Essential Questions of Jesus
  • What Does It Mean to Be Happy

Please contact me for availability, scheduling, and pricing. Our next step will be to have a conversation to assess your needs and expectations, and you can respond to my big-picture themes and ideas of what would be appropriate.

Workshops are designed to stimulate thinking, develop self awareness, and create effective application based on gaining perspective about identity in Christ. Whether you would like the workshop to be an hour long, a full day, or somewhere in between, content can be adjusted for the needs and outcomes your group has.

Present workshop topics are (or we can work together to design an identity workshop that suits your specific needs):

  • Growing a Discipleship ¬†Mindset
  • Identity and the Christian Leader
  • The Identity of a Disciple
  • Married In Christ
  • Taming Relational Conflict and Anxiety
  • Five Practices to Avoid Burnout

Gain Perspective. Live Well.