Shattering the Image

Hand crafted in the image of the Creator, experiencing no shame, the man and woman were left to tend the garden God had placed them in. For an unknown amount of time, the two of them lived in this idyllic state. Until the Lie.

A serpent appears on the scene with the ability to talk. Myself, I hate snakes. Since I can never remember if it is “yellow on black, better step back” or “red on black, friend of Jack” or “red on yellow, you’re a dead fellow”, I just play it safe and avoid them all. Much more so a snake that could talk.
But that bit of wisdom was not available to our happy couple and they engage the crafty serpent in conversation. This serpent is intent on spreading a Lie; God held back on them, He really did not have their best interest at heart and could not be trusted. They were really less valuable then they were going around thinking. There was something they were still lacking if they were going to be complete.
The Lie was that there was something in addition to God that would make them whole.
Sound familiar? The enemy convinced God’s image bearers that they were incomplete and not fully acceptable. It is the same Lie that all of us at some point believe. It is the source of our false self and it comes in a million forms. “I am not wanted.” “I am not lovable.” “God is nowhere to be found.” “I am unnoticed.” “I am defective.” This list could go on and on.
Instead of being met with Truth, the Lie was met with acceptance. Rather than comparing what they heard with God’s fixed truth, they verified according to another standard. Looks good. It is edible. It will make us more acceptable. Sin was born.
The image that God so meticulously made a part of Adam and Eve was shattered. It could not remain in tact alongside the violation of God’s rule.
We still bear the image, but it is horribly broken. Our attempts to make ourselves more acceptable causes us to lose touch with the image. Consequences that the first couple will see immediately, and we’ll look at in the part 3 of the image blogs.
What Lie do you try to satisfy in order to make yourself more acceptable?
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