being asked the right questions will change your perspective

Download the one-page What is Coaching info sheet.

Change is tough, sometimes intimidating, to consider alone. There is immense value in having someone outside your context providing perspective.

The coaching relationship is about change and action. Helping you, the client, to understand how to

  • energize discipleship
  • overcome anxiety
  • live out your mission
  • grow leadership skills
  • reduce busyness
  • identify sources of conflict
  • develop an identity in Christ
  • break free of insecurity
  • accept rather than need approval

Together we will develop outcomes and steps for action that are centered on your particular goals and potential. Entering into a coaching relationship will help you get unstuck and look forward.

I have been successful coaching in the following areas…

  • Discipleship
  • Church Leadership/Ministry Development
  • Relationship
  • Pastoral Coaching
  • Spiritual Identity


Coaching Packages

  • Discipleship Coaching Cohort. Six new spots open up January 2017. Discover the root of your identity, overcome your lies, and develop a new mindset. A 90-minute coaching call every other week for six months, plus unlimited access to a private Facebook community.
  • One-on-one coaching. From a 10-session series to a year of weekly coaching, a package can be tailored to your time and budget. All coaching is done via phone or video conference call.
  • Feedback coaching. Augments the one-on-one experience with surveys, interviews, and organizational observation.
  • Group coaching. Great for staffs or a group of people trying to achieve the same goals.

Contact Scott for pricing, availability, and to reserve a spot in the upcoming Discipleship Cohort.

Gain Perspective. Live Well.