About Scott Perkins

helping followers of Jesus see life from a new perspective

As a pastor and church leader for most of the past 15 years, I have been working with people to grow in their discipleship of Jesus. Yet, underneath the surface of my life was a destructive secret I carried: my sense of significance (identity) was rooted in the affirmation of others.

Attempting to earn people’s approval while at the same time trying to look like a follower of Jesus who had it all together led me to burn out in my marriage and my ministry. I gave everything up in an attempt to create my own wholeness.

On the road back from this failure, I began to understand the concept of identity and how it impacts decisions, behaviors, and relationships. Rather than trying harder to conform the outside to some image, discipleship should be a process of conforming our identity to the image of God. From that identity good fruit will flourish.

Developing an identity rooted in Christ is the subject of the book I wrote titled Tree of Lies: Transforming Decisions, Behaviors, and Relationships By Gaining Perspective On Your Identity In Christ.

If you are a follower of Christ, I understand your desires, mistakes, fears, anxieties, and struggles.

If you are a church leaders, I understand your pressures and expectations of ministry.

I am an author, speaker and discipleship coach. My training and certification are with Creative Results Management, an organization that trains coaches for church planters and missionaries around the world and which is a training program certified by the International Coach Federation.

As a coach, I help clients see things from different perspectives, develop actions, and understand their identity and its impact on life.

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